Client Review on Helcim Inc.


Thought very highly of Helcim until last Friday May 6 when we got a phone call questioning a series of refunds for a group who accidentally overpaid for our services. With no explanation offered, Helcims Elavon service provider for payments told us they were cancelling our account in 5 business days citing what we did was illegal according to Visa and MasterCard! HUH!?? Got the account statement today and see they've charged an exhorbitive amount for the refunds sent to 11 of our customers. The Elavon rep never offered an answer as to why they were closing our account but kept making assumptions and vague threats. Totally bizarre and scary experience! For example the Elavon security rep was questioning me about Canadian Tire credit card one of our customers used. How the heck are we responsible for who uses which cards? Still trying to figure this out but it's just way too bizarre! We've used Helcim for 3 years on Elavons virtual terminal and have been in business for 13 years with no problems ever. Writing this off as Helcims failure to communicate and Elavons security paranoia. Just hope this isn't the way security will treat everyone in the future.

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