Evaluation Methodology

Our research helps merchants find the best merchant services.

SmartRank™ Algorithm

Data-driven recommendations.

Our research into developing our SmartRank algorithm for merchant services dates back to 2009.

We use a growing number of data points that factor into how we recommend competing merchant services.

Each of the merchant service providers recommended by our SmartRank algorithm are not simply our opinion, but a recommendation based on machine learning.

Sentimental Factors

What do merchants think?

How the merchants think about a particular vendor is important.

Our sentimental factors delve in how a brand is being referenced online, how different business owners and professionals view that brand, and how it is received within the broader merchant services industry.

Review Factors

Recommendations based on feedback.

Online reviews have shaped the way many find products and services online.

For many merchants finding the right payment processor or financial service is no different. Our algorithm takes into consideration online reviews left by reputable merchants and those which have worked with or for competing merchant service providers. When scoring a merchant service provider on their reviews, the algorithm also takes into consideration the quality of a review, the age of the review, and many other factors.

Click here to learn more.

Engagement Factors

Engagement means investment.

Over the course of our research we have found that the brands that most engage online are the ones that are most invested in offering an exceptional value to their merchants.

We measure engagement through interaction on topcreditcardprocessors.com as well as how these merchant service providers communicate online. Click here to learn more about our engagement factors.

Profile Factors

Complete profiles for full context.

Merchants deserve to have timely and accurate information about the merchant service providers they are considered.

One's choice in who handles their payments can have major ramifications to their bottom line. We recommend merchant service providers that provide a complete background with accurate key factors about their organization to help merchants make an educated decision about which MSP to contract. Click here to learn more.

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