Client Review on ShopKeep POS


In general, I like how the POS system works and I find it intuitive to use. My complaints with them is all their hidden fees. When looking at their marketing for potential customers, they discuss integration with Quickbooks and Big Commerce but there is no word that you have to pay double to use these services with Shopkeep. When we first signed up last year, I was surprised to find that to integrate Big Commerce with Shopkeep it was an additional $15/month (this option doesn't exist any longer), not including Big Commerce's fees. Now they sell packages that include the POS, gift cards, integration of Big Commerce/Quickbooks for about $1000/year even though I really only want to integrate Big Commerce. I find their marketing misleading with all the hidden fees and escalating prices. They know that it's hard to switch POS systems and fully take advantage of it. I fully recommend asking a sales associate all the possible fees that can be associated with their service before signing up.

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