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6/12 Update,I was contacted by one the Account Managers Angela who helped resolve my issue. Thank you.I was contacted by one of their reps Philip, who set my account up with National Bank card Inc. My first transaction was not in my account as expected. I called customer service to find out why my funds were not deposited into my account. I was told that 2 numbers in my checking account were transposed which resulted in my funds being deposited into an incorrect account. The incorrect number was entered by the rep. I provided the account number again and was told that the funds will be deposited within 48 hours yet again, there was no money in my account. I called back to inquire about the missing funds and was rerouted for over an hour only to be told that it will take another 48 hours to receive a response. No one ever called back. Another transactions was processed to my account and again, the money was NOT deposited into my account. I called customer service again to now ask about both transactions. I spoke to about 5 people and no one could tell me where my funds were and told me I have to wait 48 hours again for a response. Mind you I asked to speak to managers, supervisors and leads and no one has called me back. Days later I received and a call stating that I have to have a business checking account in order for the funds to be deposited which was NOT explained on the initial account set up. So I went to the bank to set up a business checking account, I sent in all of my documentation for the new account. They said it will be 48 hours before the money can be sent to my account. 48 hours passed and NO money is in my account. I called customer service and was given the run around like always. Was sent to 6 different people and transferred to extensions that didn't even work. I finally got fed up and told them to close my account, they said that I needed to send back the credit card terminal and the closure form and once received they will cut me a check for the funds that was never deposited. I sent back the terminal and submitted the closure form. All this was done last week. Today I called to follow up on the status of my check and NO ONE knows anything I have to wait ANOTHER 48 HOURS... THIS IS RIDICULOUS.. I AM LOSING MONEY, INCURRING FEES, WASTING TIME ON TIME ON THE PHONE AND LOSING MY PATIENCE. Now it's the weekend and I have to wait until next week to get an answer and I am sure no one will call me back. I am completely livid. I need a resolution ASAP!

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