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I have been in the restaurant business since the late 50's. I have been with Heartland since I started accepting card payments. I have never once had a rate increase or any issues other than some equipment changes as needed but my local rep always took care of that since he is a long time patron as well. Great company and group of people her in Oklahoma!

Overall Feedback:

My Wife and I run a small furniture business and we needed to get with the program for this new credit card technology. A Heartland Rep approached us one afternoon and describe how Heartland could help our business grow while being secured. The credit card rate he quoted was in my opinion.... fair. He was very detailed and covered all cost involved. I liked this cause we had another processor try to pull some underhanded moves on us which ended up costing my Wife and I more than we bargained for. Heartland is fair in pricing and I like the fact we have a local rep just around the corner. We expect to be with Heartland for many years... thank you.

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