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Dear Sir or Madam, I had a three-year contract with a credit card merchant to process the daily sales of Millenium Limo which started on May 13, 2013. In the aforesaid contract, on page 7 of 12, line 13, under Term and Termination it clearly states that the agreement is for 3 years, with an automatic one-year renewal clause unless the agreement is cancelled 60 days prior to the three years expiry date. This meant that I had to cancel my agreement with your company no later than March 12, 2016, in order to avoid entering into the additional 1 year automatic renewal. In the letter (photograph attached) dated February 25, 2016, (sixty days prior to the date of the contract's expiration date), addressed to your head office located at 10 Glenlake Parkway, North Tower, Atlanta, Georgia 30328, I clearly stated that I was cancelling my contract with your company and also a copy of the same request was sent to HSBC Bank USA (Merchant Support Group) at P.O Box 3263 Buffalo, NY 14240. This letter was also faxed to your offices at 443-394-1915 and mailed on the date mentioned above. Subsequent chronological order of events: On February 25, 2016 I contacted John Nonni, the rep for FrontLine Processing, and mentioned to him that the future owners of Millenium Limo will need to be signed up. John asked me to text him his number, and on February 25, 2016, I did at exactly 11:35am. Copy of the text message attached. On February 26, 2016, I mailed a letter to your office, informing you of the sale of the company. (A copy of that letter is attached). On March 16, 2016, I contacted the buyer. He informed me that he talked to John Nonni multiple times and he was informed that he was already approved and should have no problem having the machine on closing day, March 30, 2016. On April 3, 2016, I contacted Jeannette Troutman at Frontline to get an idea when my reserve of $37,316.87 was going to be released. She had no answer, and mentioned she was going to let me know. The sale of the company took place as scheduled on March 30, 2016. On May 12, 2016, a day before the three-year agreement with your company was due to expire, I contacted Jeannette Troutman at Frontline asking her when I could expect to see the return of my reserve in the amount of $37,316.87. She mentioned that in order to process the refund I would need to submit a letter requesting the account to be closed, and she assure me that as long as there were no chargebacks for 140 days, I would not have any problems getting my money back. Below is the copy and paste of that conversation with Jeannette, and the letter of cancellation she requested. After the last email I sent to Jeannette on October 20, 2016, 140 days after the last transaction on my merchant account, I never heard back from her. At a loss for answers, I decided to call Frontline. I was then informed that Jeannette Troutman was no longer with the company. (Not sure if that is true or not, it actually seems that she was removed from my account and asked not to take any more calls from me.) At this point, things began to look a bit strange, so I asked to speak to whomever was in charge regarding the release of my reserve. A gentleman by the name of Tyler Megahan got on the phone and mentioned that he dealing with a Master Card Audit and has been very busy and that he will look into releasing the reserve as soon as possible. Below is the email he sent me on November 22, 2016, 32 days after the 140 days were up; At his point I was in total disbelief. Early Termination Fee? Are you kidding me? 250 days after I contacted my sales rep and Jeannette, I am been told there is an ETF? I met my requirements. Not only did I fulfil the three years but also gave them more than 60 days' notice before the three years ended, so I would not enter into an "automatic renewal" of my original agreement. When I asked Tyler what my ETF would be, he mentioned $19,000. I immediately contacted John Nonni and asked him to get involved. Worth noting: There is no mention of incurring an ETF anywhere in the original agreement. At this point all I want is to get my reserve back, 100% of it. I feel Frontline is acting very unfairly and is looking for any excuse to keep monies which are not theirs. I have no idea what kind of operation they are running. If they are in fact trying to cheat me out of my reserve, I can only imagine what other shady transactions they're imposing on other clients. Worth noting: Over a period of time Frontline deducted 10% from my sales, which is how it reached the $37,316.87 they owe me. Please note that the contract I am providing seems to be tampered with, not my signature, not my initials and not even my S.S#, but I prefer not to go that route since I still met your Term and Termination Policy, so the full reserve should be release to me immediately. Awaiting your reply, I wish you a pleasant day. Arnaldo Ricciulli.

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