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By KLeaR Marketing Oct 16, 2019


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We love working with BankCard Brokers! We have been working with them since the end of 2015, with zero issues. Any time I have a question, concern or fraudulent transaction, they are the first people we call. While that is a rare occurrence for us, their customer service is a true resource! Their rates are low as well. They are always coming up with new ways to save their customers money. I was just introduced to the "cash discount program" which could be a huge benefit to our business!Highly recommend! Great company.


Thanks Bankcard Brokers for educating me on how the merchant service industry works and providing me with excellent pricing. They saved me thousands. I would strongly suggest calling Bankcard Brokers if you are tired of paying high fees.


As insurance companies changed their policy from reimbursing my shops, Sandy Auto Body and Elite Auto Body, to simply giving their customers money to get their cars fixed my costs went through the roof. Whereas in the past all I had to worry about was invoicing the insurance company, now all my customers want to use the insurance money to get more air miles or cash rewards on their credit cards, which is understandable. Accepting credit cards for large transactions was really affecting my business but I didn’t think I had a choice. If I raised my rates I wouldn’t win as many bids and if I don’t, I will have to make cutbacks elsewhere.I was talking to a friend of mine who owns Bankcard Brokers and he educated me on a new cost-effective solution to accepting credit cards, their “cash discount program”. When he first explained it, I was very hesitant. Then he explained how the cash discount program worked. I told him I was leary to ask my customers to pay more if they want to use their credit card because my reputation is very important to my businesses. He explained that not only do I have the choice at the time of sale to waive the fee but that if I found the program to not work well for my business they could simply change the account back to his traditional services. I decided to give it a try and have been more than pleased with the program. In the last 2 months, I have saved thousands and my customers are quite understanding. I highly recommend Bankcard Brokers and their cash discount merchant services program for auto body shops like mine. They are incredibly professional and are always there for me if I have any questions.Truly,Brandon Swan, FounderSandy Auto BodyElite Auto Body


Nothing but a great and transparent relationship with Bankcard Brokers. They work hard so you don't have to! Highly recommend their services.


Excellent customer service. Very happy that we found Bankcard Brokers, saved us so much hassle and made day to day business so much easier. Always available to answer questions. Highly recommended.


My company, Executive Roof Services, in Vancouver Washington has been successful for many years but as competition gets more difficult we were looking for ways to enhance our competitive edge. One way to do this is reduce costs. I realized that the cost to accept credit cards was tens of thousands of dollars every year - if I could reduce that even by a little it would be a huge help to us. Bankcard Brokers was referred to us by a friend of mine. Bankcard Brokers explained that they had just created a unique program that gave our customers the choice to get a small discount for our services if they pay cash or to absorb the cost of their credit card. This concept seemed a bit daunting but I figured why should my business have to pay for their air miles and our agent assured me that if we weren’t happy with the program they would change us back to “traditional” credit card processing and make sure our costs were reduced by at least 20%. Shortly after our new account was approved Bankcard Brokers sent us signage to help explain the program to our clients and terminal programmed to pass the cost onto our clients. It was obvious that Bankcard Brokers had put a lot of thought and their years of expertise into designing a program that truly helped businesses succeed. Much to my surprise we have had little if any objections from our customers. Their unique “cash discount” program has made a significant different to our business. We get paid incredibly fast unlike our old service and we’ve seen a 95% reduction in the cost of our credit card processing which has been pretty remarkable! Additionally, knowing that I don’t have a cost to accept credit cards has greatly increased the competitiveness of our bids.I highly recommend Bankcard Brokers, they took the time to listen to my needs, answer my questions, and provide me a solution that has made my business more profitable. They never pressured me or tried to sell me and their service after the sale has been fantastic. Give them a call!Sincerely,Michelle Cook, Office Manger Executive Roof Services Vancouver, WA


I have used several Credit Card processing Companies and by far is Bank Card Brokers are the BEST!!!! They get you your money the fastest.. And their customer service is far better than any I have delt with.. top notch company, I would recommend them very highly..


I transitioned from using Square to Bankcard Brokers for my processing about 5 months ago. The setup was smooth, quick, and easy. I have been extremely happy with the service, and I'm very glad I made the switch.


I have worked with Bank Card Brokers since 2014. They have not only been our processor but also a trust ally and business partner and have helped us when there have been challenged charges from fraudulent customers trying to take advantage of our business. They have helped us keep up to date on having the right equipment based on today's regulatory environment. I know that this industry can have a lot of hidden fees but BKB has been very straightforward in it's dealings and extremely transparent which is a breath of fresh air. Thank you so much for all you do for our business!


We are a new business and after looking around for a merchant we where reffed to Ted. We found excellent customer service and low cost with no contract from Ted Wieczorek. Ted makes the merchant process easy and comfortable. He helped to set up the system and to make sure the system is running. We highly recommend Ted for your merchant needs.

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