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These people are incredibly rude to new clients. They do not respond to emails or phonecalls for hours, sometimes days! They leave you hanging with no idea of what's going on. They make it obvious how annoyed they are when you ask questions, on top of that they don't even answer your questions. They could not give me price options on any hardware until I actually went all the way through the process. I didn't actually get to go all the way through the process because they were sooooo sllllooooow in getting me setup, ended up going through a different merchant who got me completely setup the same day. I attempted to setup a merchant account with them for my storefront, I worked with them for 2 weeks while they basically did nothing. They throw you between reps and when you finally get a hold of someone hours later, they are rude on the phone and literally do not care. They make you feel incredibly stupid and do not even know your name. They sound like they hate their jobs and can't wait to go home and make you feel like you are bothering them. Very awkward experience. If the service is bad for new clients I can't imagine how they treat current clients.

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