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By carlson678 Oct 16, 2019


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By Casey Cole Aug 16, 2019



I have dealt with this company for years. I have always had amazing customer support and I asked about a cancelation fee after reading the one star review. This company has been around 22 years and they do not have any contract or cancelation fee of any kind for anyone. They stopped doing contracts over ten years ago. They earn my business every month that way. My rates are the lowest I can find and one time I was offered lower rates and they matched it. Adam and Jack are great sales agents!


HORRIBLE COMPANY.... we are a smaller gas station/bar/restaurant and they are having difficulty processing credit cards - and by difficulty i mean they owe us more than 40,000 in back charges, this is a huge strain on a small company and we are barely staying open - STAY AWAY You cannot get ahold of anyone, you cannot get a resolution to any problem, they pass you around and resolve NOTHING We switched to a different merchant service and they are WONDERFUL, stay in contact and had our money within 2 days. This company is a fraud


I have had difficulty to get this company to realize that their product doesn't work on my website for 10 month, meaning we cannot receive or send anyone to our website to pay for anything.Then when I asked my sales rep how much the monthly fees were, he said $25/month. But now since I can't have any activity on my site, and over the holidays no transaction since we didn't hold any events and the one in November got canceled due to weather we didn't have any transactions. Now the want to charge me $1300 to cancel a product that I couldn't get to work. Make sure to read All the fine print, and make sure that they allow you to cancel, when it doesn't work.Robert HearyState Director

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