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By Pam Wyatt Aug 16, 2019


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By Jason Kinney Aug 16, 2019



Alway willing to help you find the best solutions! I have been banking with them for about 25 years always a good experience!


Very kind answears any questions I have


ORIGINAL POST (Before Members 1st reply):I am a FORMER 25 year member. First let me say that the tellers were always friendly and helpful at each location. Beyond that I have to say that I am extremely disappointed in how the credit union is managed. I have had a steady income for all those 25 years and have had my paychecks directly deposited for a majority of that time. Money has been tight at times and there were times I was overdrawn....but I would always make it right within a few days. There were also times of abundance. The credit union though would never miss an opportunity to FEE me all they could. For example, if I had 4 checks coming in with let's say $100 in my checking...and the check amounts were $25, $30, $35 and $85. They would ALWAYS run the large amount first ($85) and then process the other 3 which would bounce and charge me a fee three times (which would be over $75). When they could have cleared the three lower amounts and just charged me one fee on the larger amount. They knew what they were doing. YES... it was MY fault for having checks come through funds weren't there for (I didn't expect them to come in that soon most of the time)....and yes they had every right to fee me....but they could have saved me some money by processing them differently.I could go on and on of how I felt "less than" by them. Members First Credit Union has always made me feel like a third class member. I applied for numerous loans and if I remember right...they only approved one because I didn't have PERFECT credit. I closed my account at this credit union and opened an account at a local bank. They were willing to give me a car loan within a month after opening it. It felt good. If you are RICH with PERFECT credit, then you'll be treated well....if not then be ready to be belittled. Oh and when they first came out with the option to take a picture of your check to deposit it....I was declined that option. Then after I complained they "re-evaluated" me and said I was approved but only up to $200. GEE THANKS! (for nothing). When I first became a member 25 years ago.... they cared about they just care about money....and how they can take it from you.UPDATE 7/19/19 (After Members 1st reply): Here's another situation that happened to me here. My Mother and I had a joint account at Members 1st so that when she died I would be able to withdraw money without any problems and pay her bills. Well, she did die and at first Members 1st would only let me withdraw money if I gave them a copy of her death certificate.....even though my name was on the account (this was not needed). Then shortly after that Members 1st "froze" the account and said I couldn't withdraw any money (no reason given by the teller-at all). She said I would have to go to Ames and talk to someone in accounting. The bills were falling behind so I then had my lawyer contact them and they finally "unfroze" the account so I could pay bills. Now would you call that putting members 1st or last? Who deserves to be treated like this?I have more stories if the management of Members 1st wants to try and discredit my reviews again.


I have had an account with Members 1st Community Credit Union in Boone,IA for about 30 years. I am very happy with all the services they have provided. The staff is very friendly.

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