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I Am Very Angry And Disappointed In Their Services!I have written to Fiserv, Inc. before about the Same Complaint maybe 1-5 years ago, however, up until this date, Fiserv, Inc. has still Failed To Do Anything About It When They Actually CAN!I will remind Fiserv, Inc. about My Complaint and This Time Around, I Will Keep My Complaint In An Archived File Under The Fiserv, Inc. Company Name uncase I Need To Re-Send The Same Complaint Out To Fiserv, Inc. Again In The Near Future!About ME: I have been a Customer of the Southern California Gas Company for over eight (8) years and sadly, I have been paying my monthly bill the same way with my Mastercard Credit Card by going on to the BillMatrix website and filling out the form with my account number, amount of payment, credit card information, etc.This has been Nothing, but a Bloody Nuisance during all of these years because I have asked to have my Credit Card To Be Charged Automatically So That I Am Never Late With A Payment Like I Was This Time Around and so far, Fiserv, Inc. Has Done Nothing About It, But Totally And Deliberately Inconvenience Me As Their Fiserv, Inc. Customer!Please Note: Fiserv, Inc. Makes Billions Of Dollars Per Year And Yes, Fiserv, Inc. CAN Afford To Offer An Automatic Billing Program For Those Utility Customers That Want To Utilize It!For Example: Time Warner Cable (Now Spectrum) Offers The Automatic Credit Card Charging Program.For Example: Los Angeles Department Of Water And Power Offers The Automatic Credit Card Charging Program.For Example: MetroPCS Offers The Automatic Credit Card Charging Program.Sadly, Fiserv, Inc. Seems To Be The Only One Who Does Not Want To Offer It!Fiserv, Inc. Needs To Get With The Times, but Apparently Fiserv, Inc. Is Very Much Backwards In Technology And In Offering Their Customers Only The Best!As A Google Guide, Level #4 With Over 1,000,000 Views Per Month On My Work, I Could NOT Possibly Offer Fiserv, Inc. A Five Star Rating And/Or Write Fiserv, Inc. A Perfect Five Star Review Until Fiserv, Inc. Offers Me And The Rest Of The Utility Customers Out There What We Want And Deserve And That Is CONVENIENCE!Did I Spell It Out Correctly?I just forwarded them a copy of this Very Serious Letter Of Complaint, but I seriously doubt that they are going to do anything about it.We Can Only Hope For The Best With Fiserv, Inc.Thank you.Sincerely yours,Howard Paul ShoreAngry And Upset Fiserv, Inc. Customer For Over Eight (8) YearsExecutive Google Writer And Guide At Level #4 And Other Social Media Websites/HPS

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