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By Peter Gilboy Oct 16, 2019



Scam. Promised to pay, promised to pay, promised to pay vender, and well, guess what? Beware


shady company should be eliminate


One of the absolute rudest companies that has ever called my office. Won't take no for an answer, won't stop calling and then they resort to email as a form of harassment. Wouldn't give them my business if they were the last funding company on the planet. Really shouldn't even get the 1 star that google is making me give them in order to send this


These guys take a week to get you an approvalThey have enormous feesAnd if you are an Iso with them They will tell you you get 12 points and then they tell you, you only get 6 points out of know where when your getting ready to close a deal with them.....and there is no debating your points with themThey lie and deceive their sales partners ...They have hidden fees and their a disgrace to the industry Sebastian was the man over thereThen he quit the company HORRIFIC experience with these guys . There are so many other lenders who don't steal your points and give you offers the same day Don't waste your time small businesses ownersI am In Your shoes as well Go to on deck or can capital or Quarterspot or Iou

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