Evaluation Methods

topcreditcardprocessors.com aims to produce recommendations for merchants based on in-depth research and analysis. Our rankings are produced through ongoing research and a continued dedication towards determining the absolute best in an industry which is constantly changing and evolving. To produce an indicator of which vendors most consistently reach their goals and objectives we have created our evaluation process and methodology.


To determine which merchant service providers to feature in our rankings we first start with an extensive analysis of a vendor’s internal services. During this analysis our research team spends time gathering general information relevant to what each vendor provides to their merchants, the average size of their offering, and those directly involved in producing the services which they offer. During this time, we also focus on gethering and analyzing various reports submitted to us in addition to customer feedback and relevant metrics to determine the overall performance and growth of a vendor over time.

Evaluation Process

Going beyond our initial analysis we have developed an evaluation process which aims to identify the key strengths, weaknesses, and competitive advantages of the top competing merchant service providers. Our evaluation process consists of benchmarking different providers across five different areas of evaluation. These areas of evaluation consist of the five metrics found to most influence the the performance of various merchant services. For example, during our analysis of merchant cash advance companies we spend time analyzing the rates offered by the vendor, the calculation methods used to determine the interest owed, the overall quality of customer support provided, the overall efficiency exhibited in providing a merchant cash advance loan and receiving payment, and the level of security displayed when storing customer information, providing the loan, and accepting payments from their merchants.


It is also important for merchant service providers to be active within their industry. There are a large number of publications and training resources available in the industry which rely on the participation of merchant service providers in order to exist. We determine a provider’s overall activity within the industry and how much they give back to the industry in regards to case studies, research information, and participation at events. The more active a vendor is within the industry, the more they position themselves as a leading authority within the industry.

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