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May 24, 2018 International Loan Documentation MasterClass Vienna, Austria
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May 24, 2018



May 25, 2018


Conference Location:

, Vienna, Austria

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Conference Organizer:

Global Leading Conferences


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Milu Sini Lal


Phone Number:

+36 1 848 05 60


We are organizing the International Loan Documentation MasterClass on 24th-25th May 2018 in Vienna, Austria, led by Dr. Nick Skrekas, an international lawyer and financial analyst with his qualifications recognized in Australia, the UK, the US and European Union. 

The International Loan Documentation provides a highly practical and comprehensive resource for bankers and lawyers, at all levels of experience, involved in international lending. Proper documentation is important in because the quality of documentation in the loan portfolio is directly related to credit quality ratings assigned by bank examiners.

For example, examiners under the heading special mention classify a loan with an inadequate loan agreement or poor collateral control. It means that the loan is a potentially weak credit, and deficiencies in documentation need to be corrected to assure full repayment according to the original loan agreement.

By the end of the MasterClass, the participants will understand

vi)                The International Syndicated Loan Process

vii)              The Repayments and Cancellations

viii)            The Pari Passu Covenant

ix)                The Finance Parties Relationship

x)                  The Material Adverse Change Clause

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