Published Jan 20th, 2016 by

Find the Best ACH Processing Company

When you think of processing payments, you likely think of cash, check, or charge, but have you considered how ACH payments fit in the mix? ACH – otherwise known as automated clearing house — works by electronically moving funds from one bank account to another by using a unique routing number that’s located at the bottom of the paper check. If you’ve ever been paid directly to your account or paid your employees, you likely have already dealt with ACH payment processing companies, but have you considered the benefits of […]

Published Jan 7th, 2016 by

Check Processing: Yes It is Still Here and..

Although writing a check can feel like a vintage activity for most people, checks still represent billions of transactions [1] each year. They haven’ quite gone the way of the dinosaur yet, so accepting checks at your location is still relevant to your business in many ways. The most important reason being that checks are still preferred with some shoppers – especially over 50 – so making sure you keep checks as an option is important for your business to make those sales. There’s no arguing that the use of […]

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