Who We Evaluate

In order to determine which vendors to feature in our list of the best merchant service providers we have created an extensive evaluation process which we believe is capable of determining which vendors provide the best solutions for the majority of merchants performing their own research. Since our start in 2009 we have been working hard to produce our approach to discovering industry trends, new solutions, and major competitive advantages which many of the largest and most effective merchant service providers in the industry produce. Through this process we craft a list of recommended vendors which produce a variety of merchant services aimed to assist businesses with their day-to-day challenges.

Each of the merchant service providers which obtain recognition within our rankings have been found to be exceptional providers of the solutions over a long period of time. We look for those providers which not only assist their merchants in reaching their goals, but have a consistent history of exceptional services and continued growth and long-term development. Each of the vendors we have evaluated all come from a variety of backgrounds which influence their management styles and the types of solu tions they produce.

We highlight providers with truly passionate professionals guiding the industry in new directions. In many cases, the vendors featured in our rankings are leading their companies towards new developments and new services which are capable of solving the next generation’s challenges in highly competitive environments. These are the vendors, in our opinion, which take the initiative to achieve the more ambitious goals.

We continue to look for new developments within the merchant services industry. Our internal strategies and methodologies are under constant evolvement in order to uncover new metrics and methods of comparing the best merchant service providers around the world.

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