Client Review on RTP Merchant Services


So far so good!! Excellent Customer Service from Olga, she is 24/7 for me, trying to solve every issue that came accross on setup, im saving around 1% from my previous merchant, with that savings im paying the utilities (power and internet) in the office!!!Update 6/19/2018:After working with a merchant they choose for 1 month, they decided to suspend my account because i had too many international transactions (?!?) its been 3 months now, and i have more than 10k in hold because of this, ive been trying for Bams to help me recover my money, but since i decided to suspend my account until this is solved (otherwise they will keep charging you without doing anything), apparently im no longer an important customer, so they are not helping at all, beware of this company if you dont want to loose lot of money!!!Update 7/3/2018After my last update and 1 star review, suddenly everything started to work, they called me to check what was the issue and in 72hs the money was in my account, including some refunds for the 3 months service charge that i didnt use, of course after everything was solved they asked me nicely if i could review the feedback, so thats what im doing, you had a 5 star at the beginning and 1 star when i called quits the bs, in average that would give me 3 stars, and thats what you have...

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