Client Review on Riverside Payments


Hired For: Merchant Services in 2018

What was the best part of the experience?

Service from Oct 2018 to when Nicole Fritz called us on May 2022 was good. But Nicole called us 5/17 & said she was our new acct mgr. Prior to, fees were taken from our acct monthly & equip cost $153.35/month. She wanted to adjust our existing Riverside plan to apply new COVID relief discounts. We asked if this would change our agreement aside from new discounts (she said NO), change how batch fees were collected (she said NO), & if everything except new discounts would be the same (she said YES). With our long Riverside history we trusted when she hurriedly asked for a drivers license copy & e-signature. Nicole switched us to April Everhart. We asked April the same questions & got the same answers. Neither was trustworthy. Where we’re at shows they don't care that they don't know what they're saying, or they just lie. 1 or 2 days later new equip came. Riverside tech support called & said to install it. We said the only change was new discounts & weren’t expecting new equip.

What would you change about the experience?

Nicole & April didn’t mention new equip when asked about changes. Tech support said to replace existing equip as new discounts were programmed in the new equip. We trusted that. Then FEES BEGAN LEAVING OUR CHECKING ACCT DAILY, not monthly. Then new equip COST MORE ($169.60/month= $195/yr MORE). NICOLE FRITZ & APRIL EVERHART MISLED US INTO SIGNING A NEW MULTI-YR LEASE UNDER FALSE PRETENSES. Daily fees were an instant issue. We have fraud protection against unknown ACH withdrawals from our checking acct. As each card batch closed daily thru Riverside’s equip they wanted to take fees via ACH from our acct. Fee amounts weren’t disclosed on batch slips or online before our bank’s ACH approval cutoff time. April said she’d fix it. Never happened. We kept calling Riverside to verify pending ACH fee amounts. They’ve not confirmed the fees or haven’t replied before our bank auto-rejects the ACHs in the afternoon.


They can’t verify the fee amounts before 2pmEST, halting them from pulling what they’re presumably owed, so they’re not funding us our sales batches. We called cust-service to fix this so fees leave monthly again. They say the change isn’t possible w/ Nicole & April’s concocted agreement. We called acct mgr Nicole to see if she could manage our acct. She won’t help; says she strictly sells. We learned what a chaotic mess Nicole is. She’s removed herself from all issues she’s caused & couldn't care less. Riverside’s blessing & April's support let Nicole present herself as an acct mgr advocating for existing clients. She really just says whatever to sell a plan you don’t need at greater cost. April will parrot Nicole. Neither will address the wrong info they delivered. Cust-service is unwilling to fix Nicole’s acct change. Each SURPRISE Nicole & April LEFT OUT has been against our business’s well-being. More details w/Google review.

Dan Rosseel


Regarding the issues described above in our review, Riverside finished resolving the problems on 08/16/22. A member of Riverside’s executive team became aware of our experience and showed real care in making things right. Thank you


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