Client Review on OuterBox Solutions, Inc.


I've been a customer of this company for 3 years. They are absolutely that last place you want to trust with your eCommerce website. Don't give them a penny. They know buzz words, and almost literally NOTHING more. Split testing? One time offers? I kid you not when I say, they just can't deliver. My complaints are a mile long, but here are a couple: They used an off-the-shelf shopping cart and tweak it a bit for "customization." It's clunky and outdated. OuterBox brokers out their code to a third party and have to "quote out" anything that you want done. Always a rip-off, citing their "minimum" policy. They'll agree - in a contract - to something they just can't deliver. I'm stuck with them for s bit longer, but cannot wait until I have a new provider. If you have any problems with your website or email after hours, good luck. You'll just have to wait until they get back to you...while your business suffers. Business owners shouldn't work their tails off to make money, then have it taken by people who don't actually know what they are doing. These folks are absolutely salesmen, and won't give you what will to you or your company justice.

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