Client Review on Forte Payment Systems


If I could give them a zero, I would.I started my application with them like three weeks ago.I had to call in and prod the application along, as if they were not actively pushing my application through to the next step--whatever the "next step" was--but that I would have to call in to advance the application through, like because I was a squeaky wheel, they would reach into their pile of applications to do the next step. Very annoying.After several weeks of accomplishing every one of the tasks that they asked of me, finally they came back saying that I don't have enough credit.I've kept out of debt and they tell me that this keeps me from being able to simply accept credit-card payments for my business? Even though I won't be paying using the system? Are you kidding me?Things would have been fine--I've been declined, and that is fine--but they made it seem like there was some mysterious thing I needed to take care of before I could process credit cards with them. For a week and half of calling them daily, sometimes several times daily, I called in trying to find out why they declined my application (they never told me the reason they declined me--just a list of possible reasons, none of which made any sense to me since I have no criminal record, and I have good credit), and no one would tell me why they declined me. Until finally, this gal named Kathy (Kathy, as a person, would get a five on a rating like this, but we're rating the company experience) just kind of plowed through the red tape, seeing the insensibility of the whole situation, and got me the answers I needed to move on. She had me call a credit bureau to see what might have happened with my application, since "she wasn't allowed to tell" (company policy--annoying), and even the person at the credit bureau, Experian, said he couldn't imagine why my credit report would have been anything against me since I had no negative accounts.Anyway, if you are a small business, looking to just be able to process any kind of payments, especially credit cards, run.These guys will give you the runaround, and you will not meet their policies that seemed to not make any sense. You do not have enough credit to simply accept payments with credit cards? That makes no sense.Anyways, good luck.

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