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I meet one of their sales associates that heard I was opening a nonprofit for survivors of domestic violence. I met with him on several occasions. I explained I would not be ready to do any transactions because we were still in the process of building our website and waiting for my paperwork to arrive for the nonprofit. The sales rep informed me not to worry that he would just get it ready for our launch. My bank account was not set up for the nonprofit and days later after filling out the paperwork I received an email stressing that a bank account had to be present on file. He explained that we can place my personal bank information into the system and I stressed to him no money would come out and he said yes. To my surprise, charges started coming out of my personal account and of course I was upset and called his manager. The manger did waive the fees to 6.95 and promised me that he would hold my 6.95 to 3 months until my official launch. In the meantime, I am receiving email from the sales rep that he was fighting with the manager and he was quitting and that he wanted to finish enrolling me into the program before he quits. Also, I am receiving emails from the manager confirming they are fighting. Then the manager tells me this long story of if a charge does not go through, I would be flagged for terrorism. I followed everyting they tell me to do, I was instructed to run a $10 charge from the managers personal account into the nonprofits account to activate the terminal. I do this and later find out it did not go through. They ask me to go back through and make sure I received confirmation, I did. They go to support and later I find out it was on test mode and I have to go through the process again. At this point, I am weeks away from launching, working with my ladies, in meetings and I have done everything I was told to do. Then, I rapidly get emails from the manager saying I didnt keep my word as like he did. I rapidly recieved emails over and over that I didnt follow through. I find out that my personal bank account had been compromised and I have to immediately stop any transactions from going through and I have my nonprofits account open and I am getting withdraws from First Financial thinking everthing is ok. I contact the manager from First Financial and inform him my personal checking account has been compromised and I received a 45.00 charge from them for a return charge and to please fix it. Again, I am thinking everything is fine because charges are coming out of the new bank account from them. He contacts me back by email and said, this is what happens when you return a charge. We have been feuding over this and the support team, Lynn tells me that I was not to give my banking information to any sales rep...Then the Sales Manager tells me they never received any banking informational from me. I am getting withdrawn out of my personal and the nonprofits account. I received an email from the sale rep manager stating that because I did not follow through I will be billed for a over $600 charge for termination of contract. Our nonprofit is launching the website with radio ads on Monday already serving clients of domestic violence. First Financial has froze the terminal for two charges of 6.95. In the mealtime, I have had charges of various different amounts coming out of my personal and my nonprofit accounts. On 9/2/2016 a charge of 15.00 was wirthdrew and Lynn tells me that was not them that was authorize net First Financial?? What in the world? I am told by support on thrusday (Lynn) not give my banking information over to any sales rep and the sales manager who is a sales person telling me that I didnt follow through. Can someone honestly sit down with me and explained what the heck is going on?? With out saying I did not follow through and my personal credibility is tarnished. What a total mess!!I received an email from the Director of First Finacial and I am positive she had no idea what had happen. She immediately did everything she could. I am pleased of the fast result.

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