Client Review on 1ST Bank Card Services, Inc.


Good Heaven's I wish I read all the reviews (on other sites) before opening up a new account with them (promo interest after I bought a new vehicle - DODGE remove yourself from association with these dummies).#1, WEB site sucks and is very NOT user friendly.#2, After only having the card for a couple months, in December I got a call from their "Fraud Dept" asking to verify charges... some were mine and 2 were absolutely not. I ask to have the charges rejected, guy tells me "We can't... they are pending and may drop off." My thought, "OK???" He tells me, wait until your statement cycles, if the charges are there, dispute them. I do this. What's the point of early fraud detection again?OK, so then we go through the steps of: They temp credit me back, send me an affidavit, I complete and return, they investigate... said store claims their "processing code" shows card was present. The card was in my wallet the entire time (no kids or hubby to steal it from me), just a miniature poodle. OK, so I get a call... card was present we are denying your dispute. WHAT? So I call the stores corporate processing thing and he tells me "Oh IFR readers... it happens all the time people capture your person info and make dummy card." You are in the credit card business FNBoO... you don;t know about this. My affidavit is signed go after these A-holes... now I am left doing your leg work. #3, Card was present, legit card or not, I was not. Isn't that still FRAUD?I have since contacted the store manager, bookkeeper and police dept. I will get to the bottom of this and you will reimburse me, with interest.

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