Our Testing Facility

At topcreditcardprocessors.com our testing facility has been designed to give our research team a safe and effective environment for research and analysis. In order to produce the best work possible, we understand it is important to have an environment which is found to be both enjoyable and comfortable to be in. It has become a prime concern of ours to ensure our testing facility takes into consideration many facilitating factors to ensure the best research environment possible for our team.


We understand the importance of having a safe and secure environment for our research team. The achitectural design and construction of the facility takes into consideration many environmental factors to ensure a safe location for violent weather conditions while providing a comfortable environment. In addition, the testing facility is located in a strategic location to ensure continued surveillance by law enforcement and quick access by medical and fire safety professionals in the area. In addition, we have taken precautions to ensure the facility is properly secured from outside intrusion alongside alarm systems and internal control systems.


From a technological standpoint our infrastructure has been developed with redundancy and security in mind. Our wired and wireless networks utilize the latest technologies with intrusion detection, MAC address whitelisting, wireless mesh network, and other considerations to provide our research team with Internet access throughout the facility. Proprietary research information is properly secured internally in storage systems which are backed up securely to ensure redundency while providing secure means of communication internally and externally.


We believe it is also important to provide our research team with a comfortable environment as well. Our testing facility is outfitted with different control systems within partitioned offices to allow team members the ability to control air flow and temperature in their working environment. Automated lighting systems and audio capabilities provide researchers with an environment custom tailored to their own needs and personal preferences.

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