On Site MSP Verification

Merchant service providers looking to obtain a competitive edge in our evaluation process can opt to invite us to their headquarters through our on site MSP verification service. Interested providers can invite us to visit their operations for a day to showcase their internal processes and strategies for providing their unique merchant services. This can become an opportunity for our research team to validate the claims made by merchant service providers and for providers to prove their established position as a dedicated provider of merchant services.

These on-site MSP visits are an opportunity for providers to showcase their strengths and competitive advantages to us in a way which leaves little to no doubt about the capabilities of the provider. This is a clear way to create a record of facts including the size of a particular operatiion, the qualifications of individuals providing the services, and their overall business capabilities.

When visiting a provider’s facility we are interested in learning more about their internal philosophies and the methodologies which most influence the way their services are being provided. These visits provide us with an opportunity to prove the legitimacy of the professionals involved in producing the merchant services they offer to their merchants. We also look to identify and verify any details that may have been uncovered during our analysis or to correct any misinformation we may have received.

Merchant service providers interested in providing us with an in-depth look at their offices and/or headquarters can begin the process by filling out our contact us form or by giving us a call.

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