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November 27, 2018 Job Evaluation and Grades MasterClass Budapest, Hungary
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November 27, 2018



November 28, 2018


Conference Location:

Novotel Budapest Danube, Budapest, Hungary

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Conference Organizer:

Global Leading Conferences


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Milu Sini Lal


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+36 1 848 05 27

  • Job Evaluation and Grades MasterClass, 27-28 November, 2018 – Budapest, Hungary


I am writing to draw your attention to our Job Evaluation and Grades MasterClass which will be held on the 27th and 28th of November2018 in the beautiful city of BudapestHungary led by Robert MosleyGlobal Remuneration Expert and HR Consultant.

The aim of Job Evaluation and Grades MasterClass is to provide a sound knowledge of job evaluation approaches and provide an understanding of how job evaluation fits into the broader context of human resources management, and to provide practical skills in the application of job evaluation systems. Most employers want to ensure that they can “attract, retain and motivate” the best employees and teams, and this two-day course will cover the key areas in job evaluation tools and techniques and best-practice processes for evaluating jobs and placing them accurately into your overall grade structure by exploring the different types of job evaluation systems that are used, both globally and in Europe.

Some of the learning outcomes include:

  1. Increase your business performance and employee effectiveness by developing a clear job grading structure that correctly values the responsibilities and contributions of each job to determine the correct grade for each job in your organization
  2. Understandthe different approaches and systems and tools for job evaluation in order to determine how to place a job into the correct grade in your grading and pay structures.
  • Alignyour grade structures to your organisational objectives and human resources strategy.
  1. Discoverpractical steps for implementing a job evaluation system, and developing a grading system to underpin your salary structures and remuneration policies, and many more!

For the training description, detailed trainer profile and training program, please request the Training Agenda!

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