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We take a multiple phase approach to researching and comparing the best payment processors based on how they assist merchants in accepting payments for the products and services they provide.

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Payment Industry

Expectations & Projections

Distribution of Payments Received by All Businesses

In the United States the payment climate for businesses is certainly widespread across a number of different methods for obtaining payment. For many businesses which deal with rentals, check payments are a common way to request payment from a client. Many retail shops and online businesses will either prefer to use a payment gateway or will accept a credit card directly from their buyers. Credit and debit cards have become widespread in daily use, but many large payments collected by consumers are generally handled by checks or through the acceptance of an ACH payment.

Based on our research, our team foresees an increasing portion of credit and debit charges as it becomes more convenient for consumers to use a card to make their purchases. Cash transactions will begin to incrementally shrink over the next 10 years, but will likely not be eliminated.

Distribution of Payments Received by Online Businesses

Online businesses in particular often provide their clients with a number of different ways to make their payments. For utility services, many suggest an ACH payment directly through their website or through a third-party. Online retailers accept payments either through an established payment gateway or through a credit or debit payment. Credit cards and debit cards are often the preferred method of payment for customers due to the ease of entering credit card details and the benefits enjoyed by consumers through protections offered by the terms of their credit card usage.

Based on our research, our team foresees a different movement from credit/debit and other transactions towards payment gateway processing. Many online businesses will look for the convenience found in trusting their payments to a payment gateway provider.

Retail Average Cost for Financial Services

For many businesses looking to accept credit card payments from their customers it is customary to look for the best rate in order to maximize their revenues. As a result, it is common for businesses to "shop around" for a better rate. We have found that the providers which we rank are generally capable of achieving a more effective rate when compared to their competition. Processors offering a better rate are often able to do so due to their position as a leader within their industry and through other monetization strategies which are more friendly towards their merchants.

Our ranked payment processors are often companies that have the resources to offer a competitive rate compared to smaller payment processors unable to offer those same competitive rates. In additiion, these processors are able to offer less fees in other areas due to their ability to handle large volumes.

Online Average Cost for Financial Services

Online businesses often look for new ways to cut costs and reduce their overhead. Unfortunately, payment processing often comes with larger fees due to the increased costs towards payment processors to ensure that their payments are being properly secured over the Internet. However, online businesses still shop around just like retail and regional businesses.

The providers which have been awarded for their payment processing often have advantages in regards to their rates due to their ability to service a large number of transactions and their experience in preventing fraudulent charges when compared against a less experienced or less capable payment processor.

Average Customer Rating From Multiple Review Sources

Our research team has spent time obtaining feedback from those which use payment processors both featured and eligible for our rankings. During this research, we allowed reviewers to associate their review with a rating from 1 to 5, 5 being the best result possible. In addition, time was spent analyzing how processors were reviewed in other platforms and locations in order to utilize as much information as possible.

Companies which were featured in our rankings often enjoyed a higher average in the reviews they receive from their customers. We believe a large part of this comes from the competitive processing rates and fees ranked providers offer and their ability to handle inquiries from their clients with a larger customer service team.

Agency Spotlights

United Payment Services

3537 Old Conejo Rd.
Newbury Park, California 91320

United Payment Services offers credit and ATM/debit card processing, check guarantee services, purchasing card programs and Internet electronic commerce capabilities to businesses of all sizes. Whether working with a start-up corner store or a public corporation, the United Payment Services team respects every customer and treats them with the highest level of professionalism and courtesy at all times. Our core corporate belief is that our company exists to enable the American dream by providing businesses with the latest electronic payment capabilities at the fairest prices without ever sacrificing our promise to deliver unsurpassed customer service. You can apply for a merchant account directly online, simply fill out an inquiry form or call us 1-866-8UNITED (1-866-886-4833).

Aliant Payment Systems

2400 E. Commercial Blvd Suite 718
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33308

At Aliant Payment Systems, we’re all about business – your business. We make it easier for you to accept payments for your products and services. We make it more convenient for you to run your business on-the-go. We make business transactions happen faster. We do more than just help you accept credit cards and debit card payments from your customers. We also offer merchant funding, a secure gateway, EasyPay options, ATM sales and rentals, high-risk merchant processing, swipe transactions, keyed transactions and electronic payments. Learn more about Aliant Payment Systems by exploring our website. Aliant offers a complete line of credit card machines and ATMs to offer the highest in convenience and efficiency to your business and its customers.

BankCard USA

28720 Roadside Dr
Agoura Hills, California 91301

BankCard USA is a leading provider of end-to-end electronic payment products and services. We process all forms of electronic payment transactions – credit, debit, electronic check, electronic funds transfer and alternative payments. As a boutique provider, our customers consistently state that BankCard USA is the most exceptional payment processing company they’ve ever worked with. From our management, team of sales people, support representatives, developers and support staff, excellence is a standard, not an exception. We have established payment services to over 100,000 merchants. At BankCard USA, we understand the nuances, complexities, and pitfalls of managing and processing payments in this challenging industry.

National Processing

1020 W 600 S
Lindon, UT 84042

We’d like to welcome you into the world of quality service in merchant processing, at lower prices…
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The exciting standards of our type of individual attention translate into a revolution in the processing industry with today’s businesses requiring money in their bank fast and securely. We have a wide variety of products for both large companies and small start up companies. We know that we can help your business grow and you will enjoy a strategic partner relationship, and flexible network of financial institutions with an extensive line of products and services available from organizations in the electronic payment processing industry.
We’re confident you will be happy with our ACH services and prices that we can offer, contact a representative of National Processing call 1-877-458-3323 and we will address your concerns immediately, we know that we can save your company time and money.